Worship Together 2020

Hope for the Earth

21 September 2020




Aggregation: “The collection of many distinct parts to make one part/body”

Finally – all the worship teams together in Perth together!!

What is Worship Together?
Once a year we invite teams from all over our city to put down their rosters, take a short reprieve from the rigorous mechanics of church music team life and come together as the combined voice of the church here in Perth.

Who Can Come?
Anyone who is passionate about worship and in particular, unified worship with other believers.

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Worship Together is proudly hosted by King’s Worship Academy. This important night is part of our commitment to the furtherance of ministry skills and relationships of Academy graduates, and to develop their home worship teams.

21st September 2020

Performing Arts Centre – The King’s College, 170 Bertram Rd., Wellard, WA.

6.45pm – 9:30pm

Guest Speaker
Ps Ken Lee (Nations Church)

Ministry Band
Worship Band

Registration is free, but please RSVP by 11 September 2020 as there will be a networking supper for you and your church team.

PS Ken Lee

PS Ken Lee

Nations Church

Worship Band

Worship Band

Develop your own approach to worship ministry; one that utilises your particular gifts and creative passions to connect with God and others.

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