Who is the course for?

People who have a passion to serve God using their creative gift. There is a particular emphasis on praise and worship ministry but the subjects can be applied to other arenas within the music industry.

Do I have to be a musician to attend?

No. You can be involved in your team as a singer, tech person, admin person or have other creative talents, but there are some basic music-focused subjects.

Is there a minimum age requirement for students attending?

Yes. Students must be at least 14 years of age, and students under 18 years must have parental consent with transport pre-arranged.

Do I get a qualification if I finish the Course?

After the one year program, students will be eligible for one of these government qualifications: Certificate II in Music Industry, Certificate III in Music Industry or Certificate IV in Music Industry. Students who choose the non-accredited option will receive a Certificate in Worship Ministry.

Is there any homework?

For external students Yes…There is some amazing material in this course, too much to cover in one night. As there are only 2 x 3 hr training sessions each month, there will also be approx 2-3hrs of course material that will need to be completed by you at home or online each week (or in class for TKC students). For Kings College students No – most work covered on the night will be worked through in class during school hours including assignment work.

What if I miss one of the training nights?

Each session will be recorded (audio-only) and available on drop box along with course notes for each subject.

Can I get RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) credit for any of the units?

The monthly attendance to MWA is essential but the ‘home’ component of each unit will allow some flexibility with how you cover the performance criteria for each unit. In conjunction with lead trainers, your pastor or worship/creative leader may help you sign off on certain elements of the course because of your involvement in team/church activities ($150 RPL application fee applies).

Who are the trainers?

We have a trained staff who hold numerous qualifications including Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Throughout the year we will also spend quality time with and receive direct input from some of our Nation’s finest leaders in the area of Worship and the Arts. Michael and Linda Battersby are certified trainers and will not only oversee the unit delivery and assessment process but will also be the principal trainers for many of the subjects.

Can I get Austudy or fee help for this course?

Unfortunately, no. Even though the units are accredited, the qualifications being offered are not eligible for this type of financial assistance.

What will a typical training night look like?

6pm sound check for rostered band (with a time of worship led by the students)
7:00pm Worship
7:20pm Session 1 

8:20pm Supper
8:40pm Items and mini messages
9:00pm Session 2
9:50pm Announcements and prayer
10:00pm Finish

 Training under the auspices of Unity College Australia RTO 6330

Any further Questions?